What We Believe

At Heart & Bloom, we believe in the inherent strength of women and the innate wisdom of the female body; we believe that birth is safe, natural, and beautiful. While we are thankful for interventions when necessary, we trust the birthing process. We honor women in their birthing time by serving, encouraging and lifting them up. We believe that every woman deserves the birth she desires, and we work tirelessly to provide evidence-based resources to our clients and their families so they are armed with information, assertive in the choices they make for themselves and confident in their advocation of them. We believe in autonomy-that every person should have the right to make decisions for their own health and their own body. Above all-we believe that women are powerful, that they are capable of making the best, most informed decisions for themselves and their children, and we believe that in the sacred time of your birth, you should be surrounded by ONLY love, encouragement and belief in your abilities.

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