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From prenatal visits and birth planning to postpartum help as you adjust with a new baby, we are here to support and encourage.


 There are many anecdotal benefits to consuming your placenta after your birth.

We offer several 

methods and keepsakes. 

Breastfeeding success starts before your baby arrives.

Click here for info on how to attend a class or request a consultation.


It's not always easy knowing where to start with taking care of your body. Come check out our virtual class options and connect with others from the comfort of your own home.

Doula Services


A Doula is a professional who is trained to offer a mother emotional, physical and informational support during her pregnancy, birthing time and thereafter. In pregnancy, we offer evidence-based information to help you make informed choices for your body and your baby. In labor, we offer comfort with pain-relief techniques, mindfulness practice and emotional support and encouragement. In the postpartum period a doula provides help to a recovering mom by offering breastfeeding support, caring for older siblings, cooking/cleaning/grocery shopping, etc. The parameters of a postpartum doula are set by mom and doula. 
According to the Cochrane Review, having a doula on your birth team can create a 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin, 28% decrease in the risk of a cesarean, 9% decrease in the use of ANY pain medication, 14% decrease in the risk of baby being admitted to a special care nursery, 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth and a 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience.
Doulas truly do serve women in their birthing and recovery time. We do not replace the role of the partner in supporting a woman, but rather, remove the pressures they may feel by actively taking the role of service to the mother so that their partner is completely free to love and support her.
Birth Doula


-2 Prenatal Visits

-On Call From 38 Weeks Until Birth

-Full Labor And Birth Support

-1 Postpartum Visit w/Optional Breastfeeding Evaluation

Postpartum Doula


-Hands On Support

-Schedule Hours To Fit Your Needs

-Breastfeeding Support or Formula Prep Assistance

-Help With Older Siblings

-Cooking/Cleaning To Assist Mom

Birth Plan Writing


-1 Prenatal Visit (In Service Area Or Via Phone/FaceTime)

-Resources To Help You Make Informed Decisions About Your Birth Wishes

-Beautifully Designed Birth Plan With All Of Your Wishes Emailed To You To Present To All Medical Staff/Birth Team

Placenta Preparation Services


While we still await data on the advantages of placenta consumption, many ancient cultures have been using this practice and reporting benefits for thousands of years. The benefits may include: Balanced Hormones, Restoration of Iron Levels, Increase In Breastmilk Production, And Reduced Risk of Postpartum Depression And Baby Blues.
Placenta Encapsulation is the process of dehydrating, grinding, and placing the placenta into capsules to take by mouth. The raw method requires no additional steps, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Method requires steaming of the placenta with herbs before dehydration. TCM is required for processing a placenta when mom has meconium staining or is Group B Strep Positive. TCM can also be very beneficial for recovering after a difficult labor or birth.
Smoothie Cubes are simply pieces of raw placenta blended with a citrus juice and frozen into cubes. This retains the additional benefits that may be "cooked out" through the dehydration process of encapsulation. The cubes make smoothie preparation simple for mom or someone else and can be especially helpful if the person making the smoothies has difficulty handling raw placenta.
Placenta Tinctures are made by taking pieces of raw (or steamed if using TCM method) placenta, placed in 100 proof vodka for a period of 6 weeks. After this time, the tincture is poured through cheesecloth into a dark dropper bottle and stored in a cool, dark place for usage as needed. If stored properly, it can remain effective for many many years! Placenta tinctures can be used for mom during times of hormonal transition, trauma, and fluctuation. It can be taken in water or used to create homeopathic remedies-the uses are endless!
*The information on this page has not been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration. The services offered are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. I follow OSHA standards in accordance with the OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Standard 29 cf. 1910.1030. Your placenta is prepared using ONLY and COMPLETELY sterilized equipment. 

Raw/TCM Methods Both Include:

-Placenta Pills

-Postpartum Guide To Your Placenta

-Umbilical Cord Keepsake*

-Placenta Print*

*Unless Otherwise Stated

Smoothie Cubes

Smoothie Cubes Add-On:

-6-12 Cubes For Use In Raw Smoothies


Whole Placenta:

-Your Entire Placenta Is Processed For Raw Smoothies. Amount of Cubes Yielded Determined By Placenta Size

*Smoothie Cubes Cannot Be Processed If Mom Is GBS+ Or Has Meconium Staining At Birth



-1 4oz Tincture Made With 100 Proof Vodka

-Mini Funnel


-4oz Amber Dropper Bottle

*Tincture is given to client after it is prepared. Store in a dark place and pour liquid tincture through cheesecloth into amber dropper bottle after 6 weeks. Discard original jar and placenta cubes.

Lactation Services


Consultation Options

In-Person and Virtual Support

Virtual Evaluation-30 mins

This lactation evaluation should be used for anyone dealing with breastfeeding issues such as suspected mastitis, thrush, clogged ducts, pumping/expression help, nipple pain and any general breastfeeding questions. This evaluation DOES NOT come with documentation to give to your care providers as it is a discounted service meant for those who just need personal guidance. 



-Full Assessment Of

Breastfeeding Session

-Evaluation Of Any Breastfeeding-Related Concerns 

Full Evaluation (Virtual OR In Person) -60 mins

This lactation evaluation should be used for anyone dealing with in-depth lactation issues such as trouble with weight gain, latching, reflux, suspected oral restrictions (tongue ties), etc. This evaluation comes with documentation to give to your care providers as well as access to support via text for 30 days following your evaluation. This way if you have general questions or need support following doctor's appointments, you can simply reach out.


-Full Assessment Of Breastfeeding Session/Latch

-Weighted Feed

-Evaluation Of Any Breastfeeding-Related Concerns 

-Documentation Of Assessment For Your Care Provider

-30 days of post-evaluation telephone support


Private Prenatal Class (Up To Ten People):

This class is offered in the comfort of your home to help you prepare for breastfeeding your new baby! We will cover everything from the importance of baby's first hour to how to troubleshoot some common issues that may arise in the early days of your breastfeeding relationship.

Public Prenatal Class (Mom & Support Person)

This class covers the same as the private class and is offered publicly at a lower rate. They are held every couple of months. Please use the contact form to find out when our next class will be held.

Yoga Classes


Have you been looking into yoga after hearing of its wide array of benefits? Are you seeing those popular advertisements for the cool gadgets, or just want something basic and don't know where to start? That's exactly where I was. I wanted to relieve my back and neck pain, but more than anything, I wanted to feel confident again. I wanted to have pride in my body and its abilities, to be able to push myself and feel my strength build rather than focusing on shrinking my pant size. Yoga revolutionized the way I felt about myself, it changed the way I looked in the mirror. And I'll let you in on a little secret, I started with a $5 mat and a $4 block. I had no tools, but I had a desire to be strong.
Unfortunately, I was still left feeling like I had no idea where to start. I get the frustration, the desire to change and feel good, but feeling like you have no idea how to make that happen. And that is why as well as Yoga Trapeze® class offerings, I will also be providing virtual basics classes for those who want one-on-one support in an environment where you feel most comfortable. Book a virtual class in the allotted slots, and when it's time for class, simply log in using the link provided in your email, mute your microphone and get comfortable!

Be warned-this is not your typical yoga class! If you are looking for technical pose names and hardcore progression, this may not be the class for you. 

Can't wait to get bendy with you all!

*No refunds. Missed classes may be made up within 60 days or customer forfeits the class fee.

Private Yoga Classes

 (booked to your schedule)


In-Person Private Sessions:

-45 Minutes

-Private classes in your home are kid friendly


Outdoors in Slidell: $50

In Your Home (within established service range): $65


Semi-Private Classes: $25

-45 Minutes

This option is available for anyone who wants to take my existing virtual basics class in-person. Outdoors on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10am in Slidell. 

Virtual Basics Class
(twice weekly)

This laid back class for beginners will teach you how to find functional ways to get your body moving while maintaining your busy life. 


This is a virtual class, hosted on Zoom. Busy moms can still participate and self care with wiley children. Simply mute yourself and follow along with the class. 


-45 Minutes

-Kid Friendly

-From The Comfort of Your Own Home

-$15 Per Class

$55 4 Class Bundle

Virtual Yoga Trapeze® Class 
(once weekly)

This virtual Yoga Trapeze® class is a great way to get your body in motion with low impact. This amazing yoga tool was created to help support a healthy lumbar spine and can be used to encourage disc healing as well as ease lower back pain.

You will need a trapeze for this class. If you need help acquiring/installing a trapeze after booking this class, feel free to email me for assistance.

For safety purposes, please arrange for childcare.

-45 Minutes

-From The Comfort of Your Own Home

-$25 Per Class

-$80 4 Class Bundle

-No Children

Virtual Dynamic Pose Workshop 
(once monthly)

This virtual yoga class is for beginners who are looking to get personal instruction to nail those Instagram worthy poses. Whether you're looking to practice headstands or deepen stretches for poses that impress, this class will give you the basics to begin making progress in your yoga journey.

Must have a wall free of decor/furniture that you can safely use for headstands. 

For safety purposes, please arrange for childcare.

-First Saturday of Every Month

-45 Minutes

-From The Comfort of Your Own Home

-$40 Per Class

-No Children


Birth Doula: $900

-In-person support

-(2) 1 Hour Prenatal Visits

-15 hours of birth support included; $25 for each additional hour billed after your birth (not to exceed $300)

Virtual Birth Doula: $500

-Virtual Support

-(3) 1 Hour Prenatal Visits

-15 hours of video birth support and unlimited text support during birthing time

Postpartum Doula: $20 An Hour, 15-Hour Minimum (Additional Hours $15)

Birth Plan Writing: $100


-Raw Method: $200

-Traditional Chinese Medicine: $230 (TCM Method Will Be Performed Without Additional Charge If Amniotic Fluid Has Meconium Staining Or Mom Tests GBS+) 

4oz Placenta Tincture: $100

Tincture Added Onto Encapsulation: $50

Smoothie Cubes: $100

Smoothie Cubes Added Onto Encapsulation or Tincture: $50


Virtual Evaluation ONE HOUR: $65 

-Second Hour Prorated

-Via zoom

Virtual Evaluation 30 MINS: $35

-Via Zoom


In-Person Support ONE HOUR (Home/Hospital): $90

-Second hour prorated

-If outside of established service area there will be an additional charge of .50 per travel mile

Private Prenatal Class: $150

Public Prenatal Class: $75 ($50 for Birth Doula Clients)

Payment Plans & Package Pricing Available. Contact For Details.
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