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*All products with an asterisk are kid-safe


Kid-safe tinctures made with glycerin

-*Echinacea (.5oz) $8

-*Elderberry (.5oz) $10

-*Teething (.5oz) $8

-*Tummy (.5oz) $8

-*Ear Ache (.5oz) $8

-*Baby Sleep Tincture (.5oz) $8

-Echinacea vodka (4oz) $16

-Sleep vodka (4oz) $16

-Stomach Ease vodka (4oz)  $16

-Elderberry vodka (2oz/4oz) $24/$32

-Clove vodka (2oz) $10


Birth Kit $40:

Made in dram with orifice reducer for sanitary use in labor

-Pre-Labor Perineum Massage

-Labor Relaxation

-Labor Pain Relief

-Labor Nausea

-Postpartum Soothing Spray


*No More Molluscum Kit $20:

-Step 1 & 2; apply morning and night for a gentle molluscum treatment



Chakra Kit $70:

Each custom essential oil blend comes pre-diluted in 10mL roller bottle

-Crown Chakra

-Throat Chakra

-Heart Chakra

-Root Chakra

-Sacral Chakra

-Solar Plexus

-Third Eye

-Yoga Mat Spray




All syrups/gummies must ship via 2-3 priority mail ($8-$12). Shipping prices vary by weight.

Due to the lack of preservatives, gummies may be melted upon arrival.

They can be melted down and re-molded.

-*Garlic Syrup for cough (8oz) $12

-*Anise Syrup for digestion (8oz) $12

-*Goji Berry + Rosehip Vitamin C Syrup (8oz) $16

-*Elderberry Syrup With Honey NOT for babies under 1 (8/16oz) $15/$24

-*Elderberry Syrup With Maple Syrup 6 months+ (8/16oz) $18/$30

-*Elderberry Gummies (30 day supply) $20

-*Sore Throat Suckers with elderberry + vitamin C (1ct./3ct.) $5/$12


Body Products:

Body products can be customized with any blend from Essential Oil

Blend Options list at the end of the page

-Exfoliating Mud Mask $10

-*Magnesium Flake Bath Soak $10

-Period Ease Bath Soak $10

-*Belly Butter With Chamomile Flowers essential oil free for pregnancy $15

-*Leg Cramp Body Butter $18

-*Sleepy Time Body Butter $18

-Detox Body butter (8oz) with Activated Charcoal $22

-*Sugar Scrub (8oz) $8

-Mardi Gras Body Scrub w/coffee and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for exfoliation and cellulite $8

-*Cracked Heel Salve (4oz) $15

-*Turmeric + Garlic Salve for inflammation/infection prevention (4oz) $15

-Turmeric + Clay Pit Paste for detox $12

-*Calendula + Lavender Deodorant baking soda and essential oil free $12

-*Pit Paste + Deodorant Bundle $20

-Lady Bait Beard Oil (2oz) $10

-Calendula + Lavender Bath Bloomer one bath bomb  $10

-Galaxy Detox Bath Bloomer one bath bomb  $12

-*Kids Chamomile Bath Bloomer one bath bomb  $10

-*Shower Steamers  6 shower steamers  $10


-*Herbal Throat Spray (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-*Magnesium Oil Spray (4oz) $15

-*Cart Spray for sanitizing little hands and some surfaces (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-Crunchy Mama Spray (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-Stinky Shoe Spray (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-*Aloe-Lujah Baby Bottom Spray cloth diaper safe (4oz) $12

-*Soothing Postpartum Spray (4oz) $12

-B**ch Be Gone Spray for mood elevation (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-*Fire Away! Razor Burn Spray (4oz) $12

-Aphrodisiac Body Spray (2oz/4oz) $8/$12

-Green Goddess Hair Detangler with Aloe Vera Leaf and Marshmallow Root $15


Essential Oil Roller Bottles $8:

All children’s safe blends are a 1% dilution (ages 2+). For a .25% dilution, please let me

know with your order. Adult-only blends are 2.5% dilution.

Higher dilutions are available for $2.

Select from Essential Oil Blend Options list below


Essential Oil Blend Options

-*Immune Boom for immune boosting

-*Sniffle Stopper

-*A+ Attention for increased focus

-*Better Than Kisses for cuts and scrapes

-*Germ Destroyer

-*Calming The Child

-*Nighty Night

-*Sweet Dreams for kids with nighttime anxiety/night terrors

-*Ear Ease

-*Tummy All Better

-*Lavender + Cedar wood


-*Oral Restriction Oil for use during CST/revision therapy


-Breathe Easier for colds and general respiratory support

-Four Thieves for adult immune boosting

-Head Ease

-Muscle Relief


-Stay Alert

-Stress Relief

-Carpal Tunnel

-Sinus Bomb

-Breathe, Babe for seasonal allergies

-Woosah, New Mama for PPD/baby blues


For more essential oil options email



-Customizable Birth Plan (Word Doc Emailed) $25

Ordering Instructions & Policies:


To place an order for anything on this list, please email

with your order, PayPal email address and shipping address.

All products are made fresh, to order. Please allow 5-7 day processing and

2-5 day shipping. Rush processing available upon request for an extra $5.

All essential oil products are for external use only

Heart + Bloom Herbals is not responsible for product spoilage or any reactions due to improper usage/storage of products and you consume at your own risk.

 All edible products MUST be refrigerated/frozen upon receipt to preserve shelf life.

Shipping prices vary by weight and distance.

Edible orders do not ship Thursday-Sunday to reduce spoilage risk.

All products risk spoilage during shipping in warmer months. If any products arrive damaged or spoiled, please email and I will happily replace them. Please allow standard processing and shipping times for replacements. I do my best to get these out quickly, but all products are made fresh, to order.


For placenta prep/birth service pricing, please see "Services" tab above

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